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THE TAX SHOP - Enrolled Agent / Tax Accounting
Dennis W. Futch, E.A.

The Tax Shop is a Georgia-based business.
We believe in helping you attain the "Good Life" for you and your family through a thoughtful long-term financial plan. Helping you achieve financial security for you and your family with less worry a high level of confidence is our commitment to you.

Our committment is to help you achieve the highest level of financial security that you can achieve with as little hassle and worry as possible so that you and your family can rest comfortably knowing that proper plans have been made for your financial future.

The top priority of The Tax Shop is to provide a quality finanical service to our clients. This philosophy includes providing information to the public through our web site through free tips and recommendations. Contact us by phone or email with any questions that you may have that are not answered on our web site.

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Why don't you call us for a no-charge initial conference? We will discuss your financial and tax situation and determine how we can help you. If your financial affairs are simple, it may be a short meeting. If you have extensive holdings, your needs are more complicated and should be treated accordingly.

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